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Roberto Luis Santana


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Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Body Type(s): Athletic,  Average,  Slim
Portrayable Age: 30 years - 40 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: African,  African American,  Central American,  Cuban,  Dominican,  Jamaican,  Latino/Hispanic,  Middle Eastern,  Puerto Rican,  Spanish
Disability Information:


CHE : Part 1 - The Argentine Juan Almeida Bosque Steven Soderbergh
Pirates Of the Caribbean : At Worlds End Ammand/Jocard/World Pirate Gore Verbinski
Coach Carter Kennedy HS Coach Thomas Carter
Panther Matty Mario Van Peebles
Deep Cover Dealer Bill Duke
Caught in the Spray Carl Gene Anderson
Femme Fatale Waste Artist Andre R. Guttfreund
Mixed Blood Assassin Paul Morrissey
The Idiot Box Various Alex Winter & Tom Stern
Voice Over
The Poet Slave of Cuba - Audiobook Narrator Dan Musselman - Random House
Tropical Secrets - Audiobook Narrator Dan Musselman - Random House
The Surrender Tree - Audiobook Narrator Dan Musselman - Random House
Roberto Luis Santana Actor Reel

Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Bicyclist (Racing), Disc Jockey, Football Player, Harmonica, Ice Skater, Motorcyclist, Percussionist, Photographer, Salsa Dancer, Tennis Player, Track & Field Athlete
English , Southern Accent, New York Accent, Jamaican Accent, English Accent, Cockney Accent, British Accent Spanish , Latino/Hispanic Hindi , West Indian
Professional Training/Education
Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre
Acting: Sanford Meisner
Improvisation: Paul Sills
Commedia del' arte : The Actors Gang
Coaching: Sharon Chatten
Coaching: Philip Gushee
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